The preparation of Sedgemoor District Council's new Local Plan continues with the public consultation having been completed. Whilst the Local Plan remains incomplete, the local council have indicated that they are looking at sites within Burnham on Sea but are preferring sites in Highbridge and areas closer to the M5 / Railway Station.

There continue to be some concerns over the potential impact on the visual landscape with developments being approved in BOS, particularly through the creation of a "hard edge" to the settlement that would make the development visually prominent. However, Sedgemoor's Local Plan needs to form part of the West of England Joint Spatial Strategic Area and separate submissions to them have been made to them advocating the suitability of our site within their plan which are being received positively.

We have made significant representations in mitigation of this concern as well as emphasising the sustainability of the site and are confident of success at the Sedgemoor Council level. Furthermore, the emerging Local Plan is working towards a pre National Planning Policy Framework target of 4.82 years and is therefore woefully short of the required 7.81yrs. It would need to identify several more sites within the borough, most notably in BOS.

We will continue to:

The draft local plan has yet to complete consultation and is only expected to go to Full Council for comment and approval in August.