Land lying on the East Side of Slough Road, Datchet March 2018

The Local Plan drafted by RBWM continues to undergo examination at the Planning Inspector level with our site remaining an identified site for mixed use allocation.

The Plan has now been required to undergo Examination in Public which commenced on 31 January 2018 and will involve a series of examination hearings to be held. The dates for these have yet to be issued but will be held no later than June 2018. Adoption will take place thereafter.

Upon successful adoption of the Local Plan and the retained inclusion of the Datchet site therein, a decision will be taken as to whether there is value in promoting the site to the next step in the planning process by securing Outline Planning permission on the site. The benefit of securing Outline Planning is that the site will attract greater value on the open market than it will at allocation which is its status at adoption. However, several factors need to be considered before the final decision will be taken, most notably how long an Outline Planning application will take to reach success.

Our engagement with the council in this regard will commence once RBWM have an approved, adopted Plan from which to base their responses off. In the meantime, our work continues to support the inclusion of our site within the draft plan through the final stages of Examination and to prepare representations for attendance the relevant hearings.