Land to the East of Leigh Road, Holt March 2018

As referred to in the previous two planning updates, Holt's adopted Neighbourhood Plan is undeliverable as its adoption by the Planning Inspector was based on the premise that the Tannery Site to the north of Holt will deliver the required housing numbers expected of Holt. Indeed his report specifically stated: The premise of the Plan's strategy for housing relies on the redevelopment of the Tannery site.

The subsequent Tannery site planning application's withdrawal as of April 2017 has resulted in the NP being unable to meet its approved housing numbers.

As a result, the council are currently undergoing a review of the plan with a view to making amendments for its delivery of housing. Our site remains the only other viable site within Holt capable of sustaining development and this remains the basis of the representations being made in promotion of the site.