Land to the South of Eversley Road, Yateley March 2018

As referenced to in the December update, it was hoped that there would have been significant progression of Hart's Local Plan from the Submission stage to Examination. This expectation was based on the councils proposed timetable from earlier in the year coupled with increased pressure on Hart to deliver a viable Local Plan with sufficient housing numbers identified.

The Local Plan is currently still within the Submission stage and there is currently debate around the required housing numbers and the need for additional sites within the plan. Whilst this debate may not directly affect us, the council will not proceed until such time as it has been resolved and an amended allocations strategy has been identified if and as required.

The timetable as issued by Hart DC for the remainder of the process is as follows:

Upon successful adoption of the Local Plan and the retained inclusion of the Yateley site therein, a decision will be taken as to whether there is value in promoting the site to the next step in the planning process by securing Outline Planning permission on the site. The benefit of securing Outline Planning is that the site will attract greater value on the open market than it will at allocation which is its status at adoption. However, several factors need to be considered before the final decision will be taken, most notably how long an Outline Planning application will take to reach success.

We continue to promote the suitability of our site for continued inclusion through submission of various technical reports relating to a host of relevant areas as well as the production of a masterplan to demonstrate the developmental capacity of the site.